Elltooine Habitat

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Elltooine is the largest orbital habitat in Celeschul system.


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Known Locations

The following locations have been mentioned.[1]

  • Peroxide Concourse. This has a Tacobufa restaurant, and a temporary employment agency.
  • Nitrate Concourse. This has a bar named Aldo's Snort'n'Chug.

Notable Residents and Expatriates

Affiliations & Relationships

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First appearance

The first strip, where Shlock was hired, takes place on Elltooine.[2] 2000-06-12

Other notable appearances

The entire bonus story 'Baggage Claim' from Book 1 The Tub Of Happiness (Page 1-9) takes place here.

Author's Note

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External References

  1. Baggage Claim, The Tub of Happiness Pages 1-9.
  2. This is not stated in the strip, but the Bonus story "Baggage Claim" which ends with the first strip of the comic, takes place on Elltooine. (The Tub of Happiness, Page 1).