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Due to circumstances explained in Book 2: The Teraport Wars, Part III: F'Sherl-Ganni or Cut Bait, there are now 950 MILLION gate copies of this man. He is the largest single sapient ethnicity in the galaxy, outnumbering several entire sapient species. The 'original' Gav, or Gav-0 as he has been referred to, was killed by Captain Megiddo, just after the gate cloning incident that created 950 million clones 2002-07-14.


The handsome, blue-haired scientist is one of the oldest humans in the Galaxy, if you're counting from birth dates. Born in the late 20th century, "Gav" studied nuclear physics (earning a Ph.D. in nuclear engineering in 2003) and worked for the government, but actually ended up making his fortune in the entertainment industry. In a quest to live to see the distant future, he had himself cryogenically frozen just prior to the Content Crash of the early 21st century. Thanks to the resultant depletion of his estate, he spent most of the next 1000-odd years being shuffled from one dusty, forgotten collegiate laboratory to another. He was thawed out by a teaching assistant in the late 31st century on the premise that "maybe this box labelled 'ancient biologicals' will have something nifty in it." 2002-05-27.

It is unclear how one gets proper ID from one of the Gavs, just that it can be "the hardest part of an operation" 2005-02-14.

Affiliations & Relationships

Approximately 3500 of the Gav-clones are doing wormhole science 2005-02-03.



First appearance

Gav's first cameo appearance on 2002-05-25 is soon followed by his first speaking part 2002-05-27.

Other notable appearances

Gav appeared on HN3 to discuss the ongoing Wormgate outage. He loves to see himself on TV 2003-05-01!

Author's Note

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


It is presumed that Guinness beer enjoys a revival in popularity 2002-09-01.

Perhaps the Gavs aren't adjusting to the future all that well? As of 2005-02-03 one of the Gavs themselves states that there are "still over 900 million gav clones out there". A difference of up to fifty million?!?! Of course, the Gavs keep doing stupid things, as illustrated here 2005-02-04 and here 2005-02-10. File:Http://

External References

Gav's webcomic that made him his fortune, Nukees Gav's Facebook page