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Captain in charge of security at Echo Central.



Gate-cloned six times by Gav Bleuel, when he, Kevyn Andreyasn, and Trinko are figuring out how wormgates work 2000-06-02. Killed in action by Kevyn, who collapsed a mini wormgate, turning it into a makeshift gravy gun 2002-07-20. As of 2004-02-29 it appears that at least three of Megiddo's gate clones are still in military service, referred to as M-Three, M-Five, and M-Six by General Xinchub. M-Five and M-Six have gone for a shaved head look, with one sporting a ponytail and sideburns and the other a goatee. After the Tunguska was attacked by the Pa'anuri and Gus's gravitic lockdown of the marines and Toughs on the Serial Peacemaker was released, one of the three gateclones was eaten by Schlock, and the other two injured, possibly killed 2004-03-07. It is unknown at this time if any of the gateclones survived the Tunguska's destruction 2004-03-12.

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2002-05-09 when he "takes over" Kevyn's security at Echo Central.

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