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Flib Sh'vuu was a three-eyed green "communications slug" who later took to piloting a Tausennigan mini-tank.


Sergeant Sh'vuu was officially named in strip 2001-02-01 with this footnote: "Note: Special thanks go out to fellow Scott Maddix of Psychic Dyslexia Institute and Caleb Sevcik of Zap Jones for their invaluable help in naming "Flib Shv'uu," the communications slug in the first panel. Now that Sergeant Shv'uu has a name, he stands a better chance of surviving the coming action. Help him express his gratitude by checking out these two comics. If Scott and Caleb don't get enough traffic from this link though, Sergeant Shv'uu will probably die, and you don't want that on your hands, do you?"

He was one of the earliest characters in the strip, first appearing in strip 2000-07-12. He appeared regularly after that until his death in strip 2003-10-25 where his mini tank is shot down by Pa'anuri in the Outjack while racing with Elf 2003-10-25.

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First appearance

Sergeant Sh'vuu's first appearance is as the communications officer aboard the Tough's ship where he misidentifies a targeting signal as a message 2000-07-12.

Other notable appearances

Sh'vuu's death was on 2003-10-25.

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