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Roboticist, enlisted with the toughs because she wanted "out" 2008-03-28. She is about four and a half feet tall, lightly built, and has tan skin. She has purple hair, done up in a ponytail. Doing the math, Para is eighteen years old: Tagon is 49 2008-10-01, and Para says that Tagon is thirty-one years older than she is 2009-04-21.


She had a reputation on the //Morokweng, as evidenced by the instant helpfulness of the drydock 'bots working on the Touch-and-Go// 2008-03-30. Hired on as an ensign, she was soon promoted to Lieutenant 2009-02-09. She has a green belt in Shotokan Karate, a skill she combines with her powered armor to devastating effect 2009-01-24. She has occasional attacks of PTSD 2009-02-06 , 2011-07-14.

During the Toughs' expedition to Haven Hive, she suborned the Sanctum Adroit tar-bots with a dental implant similar to Max Haluska's 2011-10-20, thus turning the tables both on Max 2011-09-18 and on Major Murtaugh's force 2011-10-09.

It was revealed during the Oisri incident that Para was an agent of UNS Internal Affairs Intelligence 2012-08-22. After the insane Tagii destroyed the Morokweng, Para activated a kill-switch to disable Tagii 2012-12-24.

Para was rehired by Tagon as a coxswain during the mission to Eina-afa 2013-03-29, since Bristlecone would take orders only from her 2013-03-28.

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First appearance

Ventura's first appearance was on 2008-03-27

Author's Note

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!] The speculation below makes me giggle, because very little of it is correct.

1) Nope. The scale predates her by centuries. 2) Nope. I won't go into the details about where her name DID come from, but that very much was not it. 3) Aaaand nope. No nod to Paracelsus. 4) It should be pretty clear by now that she's not a double agent.


Possibly the 'Ventura' for which the HV scale for AI intelligence is named, or related? 2001-03-13

"Per Avventura" in Italian, or "Por Aventura" in Spanish, could be translated as "by or through chance/hazard/adventure"

Name may have been inspired by Paracelsus (meaning "on a par with Celsus"), in reference to the Ventura of the HV scale. The lieutenant is a bit young to have had the AI scale named after her, and if it was, she would not be likely to have been a civilian contractor on the Morokweng.

If you take into account her technical background, she would have been able to give far more specific intelligence on the beach-head cage. If she is an agent for UNS she is possibly a double agent for Petey. The strip on 2012-02-04 may well just indicate a UNS agent on Parnassus Dom. That should surprise nobody considering the wide range of sophonts seen strolling around, and the probability of assorted embassies.

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