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Kathryn Flinders' replacement bus. Destroyed.


Built by Petey on Parnassus Dom as a replacement for the bus lost in action against Damico-P'Sloqye during the rescue of Karl Tagon and Kevyn Andreyasn's time clone.

Brand new top of the line tour bus with mil-spec annie plants, a universal docking collar, and enough juice to throw up shields in the face of weapons fire. Creature comforts include fully reclining sleeper seats, a full dining area and a luxurious skipper's cabin. Also full teraport capability.

Hired by Dr. Bunnigus to transport her group to Haven Hive to visit Shep 2010-12-27.

The SI (Synthetic intelligence) of the bus is bright enough to run away when being shot at 2011-02-03.

Destroyed by a stray breacher round, 2011-10-03 later revealed to be from Major Murtaugh 2011-10-05.

Notable Owners/Pilots

Kathryn Flinders


First appearance

Petey hands over the new vehicle to Kathryn on Parnassus Dom in 2010-12-27.

Other notable appearances

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