CS-3100 Ablator Exo-Suit

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8th generation armored exo-suit, manufactured by Pendrake Armory.


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Basic Technologies used

The CS-3100 exo-suit offers multiple layers of protection, engineered to shunt kinetic strikes & thermal blossoms away from vital areas, utilizing deep bands of superconductors to spread the excess heat across the entire suit.

Unfortunately, in the event of extreme thermal events, the CS-3100 'self-destructs', to prevent 'cooking' the wearer. In this case, 'self-destruct' translates to the suit ablating off the wearer in pieces. While desirable from the point of view of 'let's not cook my owner', it is not ideal in the heat of battle to suddenly be naked 2011-07-10.

Hands-free weapon mounts on the suits can be equipped with anti-personnel systems, utilizing pin-point targeting, ideal for use aboard warships & habitats to minimize collateral damage. Unless you're fighting a 300 kilo amorph 2011-07-15.

Notable Examples

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First appearance

First appeared 2011-07-06 on Haven Hive, surplus units worn by the 'trigger-happy' security force employed there. First identified 2011-07-10

Other notable appearances

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Author's Note

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The penchant for the suit to self-destruct may explain why they are surplus units.

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