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Transmogrified Gav female.


Danita was one of the transmogrified Gavs on the team studying Oisri 2012-07-20. When the RedHack was activated to turn all the Oisri Gavs into copies of Kowalski, her copy malfunctioned, leaving her own mind in charge of the super-soldier body 2012-12-03. She left with the Toughs aboard the //Touch-and-Go// 2012-12-25, apparently the sole survivor of the original Oisri team. They left her in one of Petey's cities at Parnassus Dom Howard on Facebook.

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

  • Gavs


First appearance[edit]

Greets Tagon at Station Imo 2012-03-24

Other notable appearances[edit]

Talking to Kevyn 2012-07-20 Used as a human shield 2012-11-10 Harangues the insane Tagii 2012-12-23

Author's Note[edit]

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


[speculation goes here] This appears to be her researching the history of Eina-Afa 2016-13-21. Her name is later given 2016-08-28.

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