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A rocky planet, third from the star named "Sol". Through natural evolution this planet evolved the sophont species known as humans. This species foolishly (or wisely) assisted other species to become sapient, and thus Loxies, Ellies and Apes are also originally from this planet. The single natural satellite of this world, Luna was terraformed sometime during the 23rd Century CE. Earth also supports a planetary geostationary habitat 2001-10-02

Earth has so much stuff in orbit that it now has a visible ring.


Look it up. There's too much to write here.

Notable Residents and Expatriates[edit]

A good chunk of the human race. Among others.

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

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First appearance[edit]

First visited by the Toughs while shopping at Planet Mercenary. 2000-11-10 First actually seen while they leave 2000-11-26

Other notable appearances[edit]

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The Geostationary habitat is likely connected to the Earth by Space Elevators, towers from the Equator that rise up to Geostationary orbit.

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