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2001 Fan Art[edit]

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Jon Morris, creator of Jeremy, sent this to me shortly after we met at Comic-Con International 2001. I love it. A lot.

FanArt20010901-JonMorris-colored-thumb4.gif I love it so much I had to try painting it. It's just flood-fill, but it's flood-fill of love.

FanArt20010902-Jeremy1-thumb5.gif "What's this?" you say! "Howard is using the Fan Art area to display his own crap!"

Sorry, but I couldn't think of anyplace else to put this. It's already up over at Jeremy, in Jon Morris' Fan Art area. But I wanted a copy here, because I really like this picture.

FanArt20010903-AriusElvikis1-thumb6.gif I really like Arius' pencil-work on this, even if you all don't get to see it thanks to the weakness inherent in scanning artwork. Oh well, your loss. Now, go visit Dragonboy

.FanArt20010928-DennisStout-thumb7.gif This is definitely the coolest fan art I've gotten yet. It's SCULPTURE. It's REAL 3-D. I love it. It holds a place of honor in my office (upside down on top of the scanner in this shot... I really need a digital camera). Thanks, Dennis!

FanArt20011001-JamesDuncan-thumb8.gif James Duncan, of Man-Man Comics sent me this choice piece of cross-universe work. I'm not sure it's a good idea to threaten a celebrity with violence, but I'm also unsure whether Schlock pulling a plasgun on someone who is a hologram (Voyager fans correct me if I'm wrong, but this bald doctor guy is a hologram, right?) qualifies as a credible threat.



Wow. I need to start using this as a reference shot for the Post-Dated Check Loan, or "Petey" as the cast and I are wont to call it. I really love what Samuel (or "Hutch," as I've not been given any indication is okay to call him) has done here with these shots.

The fact that there are two views says to me that somewhere out there, Sam has a source file. I wish I could have a computer do these kinds of rotations for me at strip time, because to be quite honest, when I do them in my head I end up with some rather impossibly shaped spacecraft.

FanArt20011210-DanUznanski-thumb11.gif This ray-traced gem comes to us from Dan Uznanski, of Tony and Dave. Those of you swinging from the branches of the Schlock forum like true Bulletin-Board monkeys know Dan better as "Vorn the Unspeakable."

This is a great image. I love the way that the eyebrows and mouth hover off the face, just like I imagine them doing. Ennesby is SO hi-tech, and Dan/Vorn has captured that.