Gauss-Gunfoam Hybrid Pistol

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The standard sidearm of the 31st century is the G/G hybrid pistol. Effective against unarmored or lightly-armored opponents, the hybrid pistol can operate in two modes.

In gauss mode, the pistol uses electromagnetic fields to launch lightweight iron-core flechettes at just subsonic speed. The flechettes are excellent for anti-personnel work, and the magnetic launch is very quiet, which makes gauss mode ideal for stealthy attacks.

When a target requires more punch than a flechette can provide, the pistol offers gunfoam mode. A gunfoam charge launches a much larger round at twice the speed of sound, making it very noisy but highly effective. Explosive rounds are the standard, but other projectiles are also available. This mode is preferred for warheads containing electronics, such as an explosive round's fuse, since the powerful magnetic fields of a gauss launch could foul the circuitry. 2001-06-08


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Basic Technologies used[edit]

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Notable Examples[edit]

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First appearance[edit]

Captain Tagon's Strohl Munitions GG723i was first described in the footnote of 2001-06-08.

Other notable appearances[edit]

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Author's Note[edit]

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2001-07-15 implies that gunfoam mode can launch more than just explosive rounds. While no other warheads are explicitly described, it can be assumed that there is a pistol version of anything you can launch from a multicannon.

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