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Lex Callister and Haban 1653 are a human / A.I. partnership like Doyt Gyo and Haban 3122 were before they were more intimately merged.


Lex Callister is another government project to produce a superior weapon by implanting an A.I. in a human spine. Lex believes the A.I. resides in his suit armor.

He works as a bounty hunter for Thud Bongo

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

Thud Bongo Colonel Jevee Ceeta Tug Shandal


First appearance[edit]

He first appears in a room full of bounty hunters in strip 2002-12-13.

Other notable appearances[edit]

The footnote in strip 2002-12-25 reveals Lex and Haban 1653 as another government created A.I. Human interface.

Author's Note[edit]

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