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The AI created when Ennesby was messing with an old ELIZA module while jacked into a Luna government computer in Nectaris City on Luna. 2001-01-07 S


Ennesby is the "father" of Lunesby. 2001-01-07

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

Last seen in the company of Shafter's Shifters 2009-08-30 who spirited her out of the Sol system.


First appearance[edit]

Lunesby was created accidentally by Ennesby while he was interacting with the Luna government computers while processing licences. 2001-01-07

She first has a conversation onstage in this strip 2001-01-25, though without using an avatar.

Lunesby first appears with an avatar in strip 2009-07-06 disguised as an advertizement bot who makes contact with Sgt. Schlock.

Other notable appearances[edit]

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Author's Note[edit]

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