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Ob'enn military officer


Ghen was one of the three Master Commanders of the Ob'enn ship //Sword of Inevitable Justice// 2002-10-06. He betrayed the Ob'enn fleet in collaboration with a Kssthratan officer 2002-10-08 and, during the resulting mutiny, ordered that the corpses of the ship's crew be stuffed into the toilets 2002-10-10. This resulted in the apparent haunting of Sword's plumbing system 2002-10-13.

Ghen's grandson was involved in an attempt at making a movie of the incident, but he was apparently a terrible actor 2002-11-10.

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

  • Ob'enn military
  • Kssthrata


First appearance[edit]

First seen with the other Master Commanders on 2002-10-06.

Other notable appearances[edit]

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Author's Note[edit]

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The final outcome of Ghen's mutiny is uncertain, beyond the fact that the Sword of Inevitable Justice survived long enough to be purchased by Tagon's Toughs.

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