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Parkata Urbatsu is the katas[1] , or practiced form, positions, and styles of urban movement. It grew out of the ancient disciplines of parkour[2] , urbobatics, and youtubing[3] . It is a martial art that focuses on both pursuit and escape in developed environments, with an eye towards the aesthetic. Whether you play the pursuer or the pursued, your goal is not just the completion of the chase. Your goal is to have your opponents and any bystanders stop in awe as they ask themselves "How did he do THAT?"2010-03-07.

This martial art figures prominently into the Massively Parallel storyline.


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Notable Examples

Schlock has recently been taught Parkata Urbatsu, which he has already used several times to great efficiency, despite (or perhaps due to) his lack of limbs. Kathryn Flinders describes him as "an ARTIST" at it 2010-11-28.


First appearance

Shodan already knew this technique, and taught it to the rest of the squad during the "Massivley Parallel" storyline. When Shodan convinces his boss the necessity of such training, Tagon says "I bet Martial Arts training is a really, really useful hammer" 2010-03-08.

Other notable appearances

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