Sgt Wenzi

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Sgt Wenzi is a Rilla serving under Commander Shodan. Narrower nostrils and rounder eyes than McConger.


Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

UNS-born, UNS trained, serving with the Toughs now.


First appearance[edit]

Quarantine bay of the Cindercone, communicating directly with Captain Andreyasn 2016-07-31.

Other notable appearances[edit]

None yet.

Author's Note[edit]

Wenzi's name comes from the name of one of the three volcanic mountains that make up Mount Kilimanjaro. Former UNS infantry, enlisted with the Toughs prior to the Credomar mission.


It's remotely possible that he was a UNSI plant, put in place by Admiral Emm, except if that were the case he would have been outed by now.

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