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  • ...than a year she was a REAL admiral, commanding a fleet of over a thousand warships from numerous worlds to take the fight to the heart of the Wormgate Corpora ...owever, in betrayal, treason, and a disastrous retreat, and Breya took the UNS Destroyer ''Athens'' into hiding. //[from Schlock Mercenary Basic Training,
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  • ...colonies commonly use annies in the tens-of-meters range. Extremely large warships such as [[Battleplate|Battleplates]] or [[Thunderhead Superfortress|O'benn ...ver 3,000 km in diameter, and close to 1,000 times the diameter of current UNS manufacturing capabilities [ 2012
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  • ...han pleased, but ''CENSORED BY AUTHORITY OF UNS INTELLIGENCE''. And that's UNS politics for you. The [[United Nations of Sol]] counts one-point-one trilli Galaxy is now in the throes of [[Teraport Wars|The Teraport Wars]]. The UNS and her allies are fighting the Wormgate Corporation, and countless other g
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