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The Valkyrie 5500 is a design of powered body armor that Tagon ordered for Breya, replacing the design she had picked out. The men got a related design. Either glove can morph into a weapon when required 2000-11-22, 2001-10-09,2001-10-18. Breya was not happy about certain aspects of the design, calling it the Valkyrie 5500 Triple-D 2000-11-20.


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Notable Examples[edit]

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First appearance[edit]

Bought by Tagon for Breya instead of the design she wanted 2000-11-20.

Other notable appearances[edit]

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Author's Note[edit]

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It's contextually possible that the Valkyrie 5500 is the model Breya ordered, and the Triple-D was actually a variant that Tagon changed the order to 2000-11-20 for Breya.

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