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Acey Nubs is a three armed sophont who sells questionable hardware and ships.


Acey is first introduced in strip 2001-03-26 when he sells the Toughs the Thunderhead Superfortress that will become the //Post-Dated Check Loan//. He also sells them a damaged fabber from the Sceptre of Unrelenting Pain that was briefly christened //The Scrapyard of Insufferable Arrogance// 2004-04-25.

The Ob'enn want him eliminated, and so he stages his own death after foiling an assassination attempt by his gate clone [2004-04-25 - 2004-05-30]. Another Ob'enn bounty hunter, Boba Octob'ennopus, shows up looking for him in strip 2004-05-30.

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First appearance

He first appears in strip 2001-03-26 describing the features of the warship he is trying to sell Captain Tagon.

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