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Captain Justice Landon of JSCIA (Jurisindependent Security Covenant, Internal Affairs) is an ursumari. Since his introduction in DELEGATES and DELEGATION he's been transferred to UNS embassy security on Jumpstar Prime in Eina-Afa, and has a cybernetic right arm and left eye, courtesy of Tenzy, his sapient weapon and possible paramour.


Little has been revealed about the Captain in the strip

He's about 780 kilos of Ursumari 2015-04-25.

Affiliations & Relationships


First appearance

First appears 2014-09-20 investigating the assassination attempt of Prime Tangent Andreyasn.

=Other notable appearances



Rescued Murtaugh, losing his arm in the process. He is seen with a mechanical arm that Tenzy, his AI-enhanced weapon built for him 2015-04-26. Howard commented on FaceBook "Tenzy's relationship with Landon is complicated, but can be stated more simply this way: If it doesn't look like part of a polar bear, it's part of Tenzy."[1]

Author's Note

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!] Justice Landon (that's his first name, yes) was born in Dom Atlantis, and was a career LEO until the events of DELEGATES AND DELEGATION.

His less-famous cousin, Samantha "Sam" Landon, also born in DA, trained for a LEO career on Mars, and worked there as a detective. She moved to the Kelrik Hub and did undercover work there in the anti-organized crime unit. She appears as a pre-gen character in the 2016 Planet Mercenary Gen Con adventure, so her story is no longer mine to tell.

NOTE: Capt. Justice Landon, JSC, is a tuckerization of Howard's friend Justin Landon, who, while tall, looks almost nothing like a polar bear.


[Insert uncertain and speculative facts about the character.] I can't find the link (hence this is under speculation), but Capt. Landon is based on/is an homage to Doc from The Whiteboard webcomic.

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