Lieutenant Haley Sorlie

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Officer aboard the Battleplate UNS Chesapeake.


She was born on Earth, but her family moved out when she was eleven 2014-04-05.

She studied shipbuilding for 15 years2014-09-14, and as a result she knows more about ship design than most shipwrights do 2014-03-30. Despite her qualifications, she had a hard time finding work, and she felt joining the UNS Military would be a good way to get to build spaceships 2014-09-14.

General Bala-Amin assigned her as a cultural liaison to the Toughs when they were representing the Oafan Freehold 2014-04-05.

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First seen in the strip 2014-03-16 First identified in the strip 2014-03-30

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Despite having a couple of degrees and considerable knowledge in shipbuilding, the UNS Military nor anyone else employed her in this capacity. This may be a result of the same Glass Ceiling Para Ventura mentioned as her motivation for joining the Toughs 2008-04-22. (Not sure I agree with the previous paragraph, since Ventura was later shown to be a UNS operative, and not the civilian contractor she initially claimed to be. Of course, just because she was a spy when she said it, doesn't mean it's not true - ABQJOHN)

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