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The "Dorothy System" is a simple mechanical weapon. Click your heels together, and a carbonan cable will spool out between them. This ultratensile carbon wire will cut through just about anything. To wield the weapon, you simply arrange to have whatever it is you want cut pass between your feet 2001-03-17.


The system was named after an ancient entertainment program (The Wizard of Oz) in which the heroine, Dorothy, possessed a pair of magic slippers. She would click her heels together and say "There's no place like home." With this weapon you need not utter any magic words, although most folks who use the weapon end up saying "eeeww," or something to that effect 2001-03-17.

Captain Tagon is the only character (so far) to make use of a Dorothy system.

#Basic TechBasic Technologies used Ultratensile carbon wire

Notable Examples[edit]

Strip 2004-10-24 show the wire being deployed and used on an enemy combatant.


First appearance[edit]

2001-03-17 after Haban 3122 disabled a number of weapons & weapons systems in the room.

Other notable appearances[edit]

Tagon decapitates one of Colonel Pranger's men 2004-10-24 Tagon decapitates Elf in order to save her life 2004-10-31 Tagon cuts Sergeant Schlock in half during a pugil-stick match 2003-05-11

Author's Note[edit]

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