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The language of the Gatekeepers, is quite possibly the oldest language still in use in the Milky Way Galaxy. It is old enough that it contains words the Gatekeepers themselves are unsure of the origins of 2005-07-10, and the Gatekeepers (or at least the race that would become the Gatekeepers) have been around for a million years or more 2005-06-05. From the examples that have appeared in the strip, many of the words in the Gatekeeper language are actually contractions of larger phrases 2001-07-022002-08-202005-07-10.


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Notable Examples[edit]

Buuthandi: From the phrase "This was expensive to build." 2001-07-02 Cho: <expletive> 2002-08-20 Dinka-cho: <expletive> 2002-08-20 Paan'uri: Original meaning lost to time, possibly derived from either "That which lives where nothing should," or "That gravitic distortion is giving me the willies." 2005-07-10 T'okjith: Contextually "dangerous, barely-controlled singularity," from the phrase "The design is clever, but this <expletive> thing could sterilize a sizeable <expletive> chunk of the <expletive> galaxy if you're not <expletive> careful with it." 2002-08-20


First appearance[edit]

The language was first mentioned with regard to the origin of the term buuthandi 2001-07-02.

Other notable appearances[edit]

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Author's Note[edit]

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