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Galstandard West is one of the five Galstandard languages (the other four being East, Eight, Brown, and Peroxide) [2002-11-21, footnote]. It is the lingua franca of the Schlock Mercenary universe and is common enough that is is often referred to in conversation as simply "Galstandard" 2001-12-142003-11-30.

For the sake of all its pre-Contact Earthling readers, Schlock Mercenary has been translated into English from the original Galstandard West 2009-03-08.


Galstandard West's origins lie far in the past, far enough that F'Sherl-Ganni refer to the language as ancient. This didn't stop humanity from corrupting it (along with two other unspecified Galstandard languages) with English. Although large portions of grammar and vocabulary have been passed along 2001-07-222002-10-12, there are enough difference in pronunciation and vocabulary (particularly units of measurement [2009-03-08,footnote]) between English and Galstandard West that neither is a direct copy of the other 2001-06-02.

Notable Examples

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First appearance

The narrator notes a pronunciation joke that works equally well in English and Galstandard West 2001-06-02

Other notable appearances

Debating the influence of English on Galstandard West got Gasht'g'd'g'tang killed 2001-07-22. //The Seventy Maxims of Maximally Effective Mercenaries// was originally published in Galstandard West [2002-11-21, footnote] The common language of Galstandard West kept Tagon's Toughs and Breya's UNS soldiers from having to fight the natives of the Outjack 2003-11-30. Native Galstandard Peroxide speakers tend to have a noticeable accent when speaking Galstandard West 2010-02-28

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