General Apala Bala-Amin

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UNS general, human female.


General Bala-Amin was in charge of inbound traffic escalation, stationed on the battleplate //UNSV Chesapeake// Facebook. She and Chester (the AI of Chesapeake) assisted Lieutenant (later Captain) Sorlie and her improvised force as they countered the threat of the nanotically suborned JSC forces in Dom Atlantis. After the crisis, interim secretary-general Breya Andreyasn promoted her to a two-star general (major general) and tasked her with dismantling a UNS intelligence agency that had gotten out of hand 2015-03-17.

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]


First appearance[edit]

First seen in the strip 2014-03-16 First identified in the strip 2014-03-30

Other notable appearances[edit]

Coordinating the response team and promoting Lt. Sorlie to command it 2015-01-04

Author's Note[edit]

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


2015-03-17. The UNS intelligence agency she was tasked with dismantling almost certainly refers to Admiral Emm's command.

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