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A human researcher and slave trader. She was part of the Quest for Second Sight plot line.


Lady Emily masqueraded as the leader of a guerrilla fighting force for 13 years 2002-02-13. When Sergeant Schlock and company arrived on Ghanj-Rho to find a new set of eyes, she and her band of Amorphs teamed up with the Toughs to recover the stolen Eye Trees. The assault turned into a Charlie Foxtrot and in the aftermath it was learned that she trained Amorphs and then sold them into slavery. She covered her crimes by pitting the Amorphs against each other. For her crimes she choose to be consumed rather then face a trial with "human justice." 2002-03-17

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Appeared in a flashback on 2001-12-23, appeared in the strip's current timeline on 2002-01-27

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