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Developed as an alternative to lying to patients about how much an injection or other procedure would be, the Ouchdammitometerprovides an objective measure of how much pain would be caused. Injections are measured in "huertz," although a clear baseline for this amount has not been given 2000-08-06.


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Notable Examples

2.5 Huertz: the rating for an Auto-Anesthetizing Cerebral Micro-Endoscope (less than a "red-hot pithing knife") 2001-01-28 3.7 Huertz is higher than normal for a small needle 2000-08-06. 3.7 Kill-o-Huertz is the level that an auto-burrowing implant inflicts 2000-08-06.


First appearance

First mentioned when Dr. Lazkowicz "defuses" Ch'vorthq 2000-08-06.

Other notable appearances

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Author's Note

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