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UNS "Assault Package" which activates Project Laz'r'us nanobots.


Used on Oisrí to turn the Gav population into super-soldiers. It was distributed through UNS-suborned communication/entertainment systems, and activated Retro-Exocephalo-Derm 2012-07-17 functionality to replace its victims' brains with clones of Kowalski's brain.

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First appearance[edit]

First mentioned by Colonel Krum in 2012-03-21


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Author's Note[edit]

[This space is reserved exclusively for Howard!]


May be related to the RED#2 nannies produced on Haven Hive by Professor Pau. Possibly a Project Laz'R'us derivative. May be programmed to metamorphose into midget supersoldiers as with Kevyn on Pronto's world, and Xinchub after his assassination on Yoming. See also Pi's paranoid speculation on cat-sized killbots in 2012-02-26

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