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Terapedos have what 31st-century munitions manufacturers describe as "Synthetic Intelligence." It's good marketing. Since artificial intelligence is considered on par with organic sapience, it would be amoral to build an artificial intelligence whose sole purpose is to die gloriously. Contextually, 'synthetic' means 'kinda stupid.' -Paraphrased from 2003-07-21

Though the Hencke/Ventura scale has been mentioned in the strip as a rating system for AIs, there hasn't been mention of a similar system for SIs.


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Notable Examples[edit]

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First appearance[edit]

The intelligences running the bombs strapped to the Kitesfear seem to fit the requirements of SI 2001-02-07

Other notable appearances[edit]

A "smart" terapedo was used to facilitate first contact between the Toughs and a pair of solar-sailing AIs 2003-07-212003-07-27.

When some of the other Toughs are at Haven Hive, we learn that instead of an AI, some vehicles are equipped with an SI when Kathryn's bus leaves of its' own accord 2011-02-04.

Author's Note[edit]

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