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Deputy Elephant Tantara is a sapient elephant who works for the UNS.


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First appearance

He may be the same Deputy Elephant that is introduced in strip 2002-05-26, however that character is not introduced by name. He is frist identified by name in strip 2007-06-03 in a conversation with Hugo Xinchub who calls him Tantor. The tattoo appears to be the same, though.

Other notable appearances

The Deputy Elephant (not identified by name) is mentioned in the footnote on 2002-09-01 The Deputy Elephant is also mentioned by Xinchub in strip 2003-08-18 and again by Petey in strip 2004-09-08 and finally in strip 2007-06-03, a few strips before he is finally identified by name in strip 2007-06-03.

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