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The Shirt-pin is the tallest building in Upper Nectaris City, on Luna. 6125 meters tall, it is a thin, tall shaft, with a large globe at the top 2001-01-11. Around the equator of the globe is an open observation deck, which because of Luna's very deep atmosphere still has breathable air 2000-12-03.


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Notable Residents and Expatriates

On Level SQ, some Partnership Collective attorney drones had rooms.

Affiliations & Relationships

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First appearance

Partnership collective drones kidnapped Massey Reynstein and took him up to some rooms on level SQ of the globe at the top. 2001-01-11 During a rescue attempt, then Corporal Schlock cut away some supports and he, Brad, Reynstein and fifteen attorney drones fell out 2001-01-14.

Other notable appearances

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