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UNS Battleship, 300-400 meters in length


Several fought in assaults upon Buuthandi, and one, the UNS Terra Firmator, shows up

Basic Technologies used[edit]

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Notable [Vehicle Class]s[edit]

The most notable appearance is of the decommissioned battleship, UNS Terra Firmator, as Ambassador Andreyasn's embassy vessel.


First appearance[edit]

On 2005-09-13, the first mention of the only named battleship so far appeared, when Breya Andreyasn was named ambassador to the Fleetmind, however, the battleship in question, the decommissioned and lobotomized UNS Terra Firmator wasn't mentioned by name, and didn't appear "on screen" until January 15, 2006, when Breya was ordered to lodge a protest "using the strongest possible diplomatic language" about the Fleetmind's interference in the "affairs of several sovereign states".

Several other, unnamed battleships show up in the assault upon the Buuthandi, prior to the appearance of the UNS Terra Firmator.

Other notable appearances[edit]

Author's Note[edit]

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Possibly obsolete or obsolescent, at least for the navies of major powers, especially since the introduction of the Battleplate?

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