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Known in the strip as "Hob", Corporal Hank Obscomble was a likeable character in the strip from 2001-10-08 until his death on 2002-03-31.


Died on Ghanj-Rho rescuing amorphs and eye trees from a Chev Clan trap.2002-03-03 The amorphs buried him under an eye tree as a hero 2002-03-31.

Later, the amorphs allowed a Gav to take the eye tree from Hob's grave for Schlock's personal use 2012-04-18.

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Hob was the demolitions expert for an undetermined time before his first speaking role when, under the command of Sergeant Shodan, he was tasked with creating an entrance in the luxury liner Princess Tyola. Additionally, he was part of the security detail for Captain Tagon on that ill-fated mission. 2001-10-11 Hobshodan.png

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