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Looks like a large orange octopus in a jar.


Hesh-Baz is the Vice-Undersecretary to the Deputy Co-Chair of the Plutorliamentary Subcommittee for Trade with Developing States. He met with the Oafan delegation to discuss the sale of the ancient Oafan starships 2014-07-13. He was also present when Breya Andreyasn and Maiamumla Well-Flesher publicly announced the longevity treatment which had been derived from demilitarized RED nanobots 2014-11-27.

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First appearance[edit]

Other notable appearances[edit]

  • At the meeting where the Oafan delegation announced the longevity treatment 2014-11-27
  • Looking worried as Chisulo bludgeons suborned JSC with an armored bag of politicians 2015-01-30
  • Seen with Breya Andreyasn, Haban, and Captain Landon in the aftermath of the faux-revolution 2015-03-09

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