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Oafa (oh-ah-fah) Essentially an explosive blimp, this hydrogen-filled race can easily be mistaken for a balloon. The tale of their evolution path is a fascinating one involving a metal-rich water world, acidic tentacles, tasty jellyfish, and a happy accident allowing escape from the appetites of everything that cannot fly (from footnote, 2012-01-04). Every known living Oafan is currently descended from reengineered Oafan that were created by the Prabstdi about five hundred years ago 2013-08-25. With the de-extinction of the Oafa 2013-08-25 and discovery of their ancient technology and ships, it became clear that their civilization battled the Pa'anuri some twelve million of years before the F'Sherl-Ganni did. 2014-02-28 The Oafa fled the war to their 'can full of sky' 2013-04-20 - a vast ship called Eina-afa.

The Broken Wind was the insanely lonely Eina-afa AI. It reinvented itself as Iafi (loosely translated as "Little Wind" 2014-03-07) and became the new AI of an Oafa warship named Broken Wind. 2014-03-03. The planet-sized station Eina-afa was ceded to "a bright and enthusiastic young mind": Chinook, an AI reborn from the insane AI Tagii.


2014-03-04 Shortly after establishing new and renewed AIs in the various ships, the Oafan Hioefua Far-Wanders allowed itself to be modified by Ebbernoth, Tailor, and Andreyasn, increasing its intelligence. 2014-03-08 Later, aboard the Neosychronicity, another Oafan called Maia discusses this expanded awareness with Dr. Bunnigus. 2014-04-13 Maia is the Meld-Minister, with memories of an ancient Oafan named Anuaiyya, and an active hypernode connection to the hive-mind of Utchi-Skafatka. These enhanced Oafa are later referred to as Neoafans. 2014-12-02

The Oafa worked with Tagon's Toughs and Prime Tangent Breya Anderyasn to help head off civil unrest in the UNS by supplying vast quantities of PTU rich hulls 2014-07-13 and longevity treatments that would make everyone functionally immortal. 2014-11-29 This was partially successful. An attack on Dom Atlantis designed to trigger a civil war was already in motion, however 2014-12-07 2015-02-11. During the pitched battle that results, Maia deflates the Miamumla body and Unuaiya memories, revealing that Utchi-Skafatka is a swarm of networked 'bugs' that ride as a passenger in the Neoafan hydrogen chamber. 2015-01-09These bugs are significantly more hardy than the Oafan body they inhabited, and become active combatants in the ongoing conflict. 2015-01-13

Oafan Language

The Oafa communicate with their own species via sign language & ballast (the ballast being air). With other species they use a translator, which is seen as a small grid device on their face.[1] For those interested in being able to pronounce Oafan (oh-ah-fahn) words, here's a pointer: no dipthongs. Give every vowel its own syllable, just like that melodic donkey-cry, "ee-i-ee-i-oh" in the Old Macdonald song. Although, it should be noted, the english "i" in that song is, itself, a dipthong, AH EE. So... Oafan words will have SOME dipthongs. Probably. And you'll end up with some "Y" sounds in there sometimes [footnote, 2013-01-06].

Notable Members


Notable Organizations

[Governments, clubs, or other organizations specific to this race]


First appearance: At Mall-One, Karl Tagon & Kathryn Flinders are practicing Parkata Urbatsu, and Karl accidentally crashes into an Oafa, thinking it a balloon, and not realizing it is a sentient being 2013-01-02.

Author's Note

Home system: mNei-Oa Home world: Aei-ou (sung. It's one of a very few pitched words in Oafan) Adoptive world: Oa-Ae-afa (oh-ah [stop] ah-ee [stop] ah-fah Home system habitat: Amaioea (uh-MA-ee-oh-ay-ah)


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