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A tailoring robot that was a birthday present to Capt. Tagon, courtesy of his father, and the retired Kevin Andreyasn time-clone.


Originally a tailoring robot, Tailor has been subsequently modified with medical knowledge and a temperament to make him a vital member of Tagon's Toughs. A recent addition to Tagon's Toughs, Tailor was modified by Lieutenant Para Ventura with medical knowledge to save the life of Captain Tagon 2010-09-18. After being reprogrammed as a surgeon, Tailor lost the ability to function as a tailor, as Para had deleted quite a bit of data to make room for the medical modules 2010-09-12.

In strip 2010-12-26, we see that he is modified to be both tailor & doctor (& who knows what else Para Ventura might do?), thanks to having an expansion interface.

In later appearances, Tailor does exhibit a more confident personality 2011-01-26, 2011-01-30.

Affiliations & Relationships[edit]

Though initially timid with most of the crew, Tailor appears to be settling in & becoming a trusted (& trusting) member of the Toughs. Of course, that might be hard-coded 2010-09-12.


First appearance[edit]

Tailor first appeared on 2008-10-23, where Kevyn Andreyasn asked a special favor of Petey on behalf of Tagon's father. As a special gift (and non-returnable) Petey teraported Tailor aboard the Touch-and-Go despite the Teraport Interdiction in place around Credomar.

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Author's Note[edit]

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