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Andreyasn Interstellar/Intergalactic Enterprises, also known as Andreyasn I.I.E. (Symbol ASININE) 2001-02-13 was a company formed to develop and market the teraport.


Andreyasn I.I.E. was formed by Breya Andreyasn, sister of Kevyn Andreyasn, inventor of the teraport. As a marketing ploy, it performed a hostile takeover of Tagon's Toughs 2000-07-23. After the Kitesfear was destroyed, damaging the Hellevator, their stock price crashed and then Corporal Schlock bought 62% of their stock 2001-02-17. After the teraport was open sourced, the company lost 98 percent of it's value 2001-08-22, and the company folded.

Notable Members

Affiliations & Relationships

Owned Tagon's Toughs


First appearance

Bought Tagon's Toughs (though the group had not yet been identified by that name in the strip yet) 2000-06-16

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