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The Schlockiverse is home to many kinds of people - some of whom you might even recognize as people. On worlds across the galaxy, sophonts of various kinds go about their business. The Solar worlds alone hold several intelligent species, and uncounted more races have spread themselves among the stars. Here are some of them.

Here is a quick dump from Howard's WikidPad file. Feel free to create pages and links. The Sophont template now exists.

    • The best way to populate this page is to create new pages for each of the races below, and to make sure they're then tagged "sophont" (which should be automatic with the template.) When you've created one, go ahead and delete it from the list below.**

3-armed guys (no race name yet) ([Acey Nubs]) bouncer guys (Vhorweds) tetrisoid (four armed tetrahedral "caltrop" guy) (possibly Tetri?) pig-faced guy ([Breya]'s investor) Cat-faced guy (Breya's investor) Swamp Kreelies Whalephants (name not yet canonized in print) Pistrix cuncanterambulus Cruxapes (thoracrux simiolus sapiens = cross-breasted little apes)

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