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The character lists are a detailed listing of all the characters in a particular book and section. All characters who have a speaking part are listed. Each Story/chapter restarts the list. Any character who does not have a separate page will get a short summary in the notes section. Ranks are as they are in that book/story. Characters are listed in the order they are introduced. If several characters start in the same strip. only the first one has a strip reference.

Note: work in progress. This page may be split up, merged with the Dramatis Personae page, or otherwise modified once the data is complete

Baggage Claim Bonus story for Book 1 - Page 1

  • **Schlock** - Page 1. Has not yet joined Tagon's Toughs, so has no rank
  • Baggage handler - Page 2. Meets Schlock in the baggage area of Elltooine station, directs him to customs
  • Customs clerk - Page 3. Elltooine station customs clerk. Refuses to allow Schlock his luggage (at first)
  • **Mickey** - Page 4. Temp agency manager
  • **Toby** - Page 5. Manager at Tacobufa
  • Tacobufa employee - Page 5. Stockroom employee at the Tacobufa. Possibly called Timmy
  • Tacobufa customer - Page 5. Complains to Schlock about his chupaqueso
  • **Aldo** - Page 6. Owns and runs Aldo's Snort'n'Chug
  • **Chuck** - Page 6. Customer at Aldo's Snort'n'Chug
  • **Lieutenant Der Trihs** - Page 9. Enlistment officer for Tagon's Toughs

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